AUSSEA Spencer Gulf King Prawns

prawnlogoSmallThe Spencer Gulf King prawn, “Western King” (Melicertus latisulcatus), are wild caught in the cool clear waters of Spencer Gulf South Australia, a region regarded as producing the finest premium seafood in Australia.

Spencer Gulf prawns are superior in taste and texture.

AUSSEA’s modern purpose built vessels are all fitted out with the state-of-the-art machine grading systems to grade each prawn before being bulk packed in 5kg and 10kg cartons (semi IQF format), snap frozen at -40c within 60 minutes of capture, to seal the unique taste that cannot be replicated in a farmed prawn.

Distinctively our prawns mature in a safe clean marine environment to produce a premium product with exceptional fresh flavour and a firm texture.

Our value added prawn meat and cutlets are now predominantly peeled and processed overseas, under the same strict Australian quality control and management supervision. As all of our prawns are caught then immediately snap frozen on board our vessels before being sent off for meat processing. This ensures the prawn meat remains at competitive price levels for the benefit of our customers. “Please note we still do a small amount of processing in South Australia”.

Our Port Lincoln headquarters (regarded as the capital of the Australian Fishing Industry), is an export registered establishment along with export registered fishing vessels. Compliance by DAFF (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, formerly AQIS - Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) in addition to HACCP standards are routinely scrutinized by the Australian Government.

A safe Cold Chain transportation of raw materials systems ensures the cold chain is respected throughout the journey. Every delivery undergoes a rigorous Quality Control Check – a compulsory first step before the prawns are rapidly moved on to the processing areas, freezer storage and ultimately customer delivery. At the end of each vessel unload a random size/grade assessment of whole prawn from each vessel is documented and analysed.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product and the process and delivery practise to guarantee each prawn is as at its best quality and appearance possible.